Anyone wishing to join a Club walk for the first time should first contact the Leader of that walk.  It would be appreciated if as many car drivers as possible could go to the Avenue (junction with Upperton Gardens) where this is mentioned rather direct to the start of the ramble.  PLEASE CHECK BUS AND TRAIN TIMES.                                                                   

SUNDAY 16th September  :  IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JACK FULLER     Leaders: Paul & Barbara. Tel: 504908/07790 708616 on day. Meet The Avenue 09.30. Walk starts Bateman’s NT CP 10.15. GR670239. Dry lunch. Finish 15.00. 9.5 miles. Fields, paths, woods. Tea  Bateman’s at end. SVC: £4.00.

SATURDAY 22nd September  (Strolls)  :  TIDE MILLS                                     Leader:  Marjorie W.  Tel: 502825. Meet Gildredge Rd bus stop for bus no. 12A 09:43 to Tide Mills bus stop 10:20.  Car Park GR 4630005.  Finish 12:15. 2 miles.

SATURDAY 22nd September (L)   :  AROUND LITLINGTON                       Leader: Mary B. Tel: 505339/07982 039157. Meet Exceat Visitor Centre 10.00. Bus 12X 09.33 Gildredge Rd. Stand J. Finish 12.45. 5 miles.

SATURDAY 22nd September   BRISK PACE  :  MUTTON, RABBIT, HERRING & HOG                                                                                                                               Leaders. Naomi & Pete. Tel 485005. Meet Mill Rd. CP, Heathfield (behind fire station) 09.45. GR 578213. Finish 13.15. 7.5 miles. PH option.

SUNDAY 23rd September  :  FINDING EGYPT                                                 Leaders: Jenny & Barry. Tel: 01424 752757/07399 199696. Meet Hertmonceux CP 10.00. Dry lunch. Finish 14.30. 8 miles. Mainly level walking, many stiles. Leaders at start.   THIS WALK IS CANCELLED

SATURDAY 29th September (L)  :  AUTUMN GLADES & DOWNLAND VIEWS   Leader: Colin W. Tel: 07446 458138. Meet YHA, East Dean Rd. 10.00. Bus 12X 09.33 Gildredge Rd, Stand J. Finish 13.00. 5 miles. Undulating downland.

SUNDAY 30th September :  SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW        Leader: Peter D. Tel: 01424 844219. Meet The Avenue 09.30. Starts Sidley CP (opp. Lidl) off Ninfield Rd. 10.00. GR740092. Dry lunch. Finish 15.00 approx. 9.5 miles. Gently undulating, easy pace walk, fields, paths, woods. Leader at start. SVC: £3.00.

 SATURDAY 6th October  (Strolls)  :  HARBOUR STROLL                             Leader: Thelma. Tel: 648623.  Meet Cinema, Crumbles Retail Park 10:15. Bus No. 99 09:43 Cornfield Rd, Stand E to ASDA bus stop.  2-2.5 miles. Drinks at Harbour.  Meet Leader at start.                                                                                                   

MONDAY 1st October  –  SOCIAL EVENING:   Seven and a Bit Wonders of Eastbourne


 SATURDAY 6th October  ()Strolls)   –   Harbour Stroll                                   Leader:  Thelma.  Tel: 648623.  Meet at Cinema, Crumbles Retail Park 10:15.  Bus 99  09:43 Cornfield Rd, Stand E to ASDA bus stop.  2-2.5 miles. Drinks at Harbour.  Meet Leader at start.

 SATURDAY 6th October (L)   –  HISTORIC HASTINGS OLD TOWN         Leader: Pat B. Tel: 01424 213950 or 07743 642496. Meet Harold Place, Hastings bus stop 10.45. Bus 99 09.23 Cornfield Rd. Finish 13.15. 4.5 miles. Return buses every 20 mins.

 SATURDAY 6th October    (BRISK PACE)  –  HOW MANY BARCOMBES ?Leaders: Reg & Gill. Tel: 07743 337176. Meet Cock Inn CP, Upper Wellingham, nr. Ringmer (by kind permission) 09.45. GR 439135. Finish 13.15. 7.75 miles. PH option. Please park tidily.

SUNDAY 7th October   –  TURBINES, TURF & TARMAC                                 Leader: Mark Schito. Tel: 07522 868684. Meet The Avenue 09.15. Walk starts CP (Nr. Tesco), Mimram Road, Stone Cross 09.45. GR 615045. Bus 54A 09.17 Gildredge Rd, Stand H to Stone Cross The Cross Ways (Red Lion) arr. 09.41. Dry lunch Pevensey Haven, nr. Rickney. Finish 15.30. 10 miles. Return bus 15.42. Pavement, paths, meadow and river walks, some stiles, no steep hill climbs.   Leader at start. SVC:  £1.00.

 SATURDAY 13th October (L)   LINEAR  –  HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN   Leader: Graham T. Tel: 501467. Meet Nash St., Golden Cross 10.00. GR 538140. Bus 54 09.08 Gildredge Rd, Stand H. Finish 12.45. 5 miles. Leave cars in Hailsham and join 54 bus. Stop at Happy Days cafe. Finish East Hoathly. Flat walk in woods and fields, 12 stiles. Leader joins bus Church St.

 SUNDAY 14th October   –  AROUND ARLINGTON                                          Leaders: John & Marion. Tel: 724972 & 07732 971557. Meet The Avenue 09.30. Walk starts lay-by outside Arlington Reservoir 09.50. GR 527075. BN26 6TF. Dry lunch. Finish 15.00. 9 miles. Arlington Reservoir/Abbot’s Wood, mostly field and forest paths, flat, 17 stiles. SVC: £1.80.

 SATURDAY 20th October (L)  –  NOT SO HOT, CHILLEY                             Leader: Bob J. Tel: 485643 or 07593 856500 on day. Meet Market CP, Pevensey, 10.00. GR 646049. Bus 99 09.23 Cornfield Rd to Wallsend Rd and walk to start. Finish 13.00. 5 miles. Refreshment stop Chilley Farm shop. Level walking on minor roads, fields, paths, some stiles.

SATURDAY 20th October  (Strolls)  –  CUCKMERE SAUNTER                     Leader:  Irenee. Tel: 471263.  Meet Cuckmere Inn bus stop 10:00. Parking Cuckmere Inn CP. Bus 12A 09:43 Gildredge Rd to Cuckmere Inn bus stop. Finish 12:15. 2.5 miles.  Meet Leader at start.

SATURDAY 20th October   (BRISK PACE)  –  FIRLE, ALCISTON & BERWICK   Leader: Liz F. Tel: 07932 165259. Meet Firle village CP 09.45. GR 468074. Finish 13.30. 8 miles.  PH optionExpect mud.

 SUNDAY 21st October  –  OVER THE TOP                                                         Leaders: Esther & John. Tel: 503239. Meet Bishopstone Hill Rise bus stop 09.50 (note time). Bus 12  09.13 Terminus Road arr. 09.45 Bishopstone Hill Rise. GR 469002. Dry lunch. Finish 15.45. 10 miles. Note: This is the bus stop for Bishopstone Station in Seaford, there is parking in Station Rd. and other adjoining roads.

 SATURDAY 27th October  (L)   –  BIRLING GAP CIRCULAR                        Leader: Sue W. Tel: 728963 or 07835 948602. Meet East Dean CP 10.00. Bus 12X 09.33 Gildredge Rd. Refreshments Birling Gap. Finish 12.45. 4.5 miles.

 SUNDAY 28th October   LINEAR  –  FROM THE DOWNS TO THE SEA   Leader: Graham T. Tel: 501467. Meet Bus 12 10.13 Gildredge Rd, Stand J, arr. Chyngton Lane, Seaford/A259 10.34. Cars street parking. Dry lunch. Finish 13.15  Hill Rise, Seaford bus stop (A259) or continue on a circular walk of 3.25 miles around The Tide Mills. Finish 14.45. 5 miles & 3.25 miles.  Slight incline and 2 stiles am, otherwise route flat or downhill. Possible cafe near end.

SATURDAY 3rd November  (Strolls)  –  ACROSS THE BY-PASS                 Leaders: Jim and Jean.  Tel: 301871. Meet outside Downlands Medical Centre, Polegate High Street 10:00. But 98 09:38 Gildredge Rd to Polegate High Street.  Finish 12 noon. 2-2.5 miles.  Optional café in Polegate at finish.  Leaders on bus.

SATURDAY 3rd November  (L)   –  OVER THE TOP                                          Leader: Diana W. Tel: 733524. Meet Co-op, Albert Parade, Old Town 10.00. Many buses 1 & 1A. Finish 12.30. 4.5 miles. Hilly downland. Leader offers refreshments at her home after walk.

SATURDAY 3rd November   (BRISK PACE)  –  ON A HIPPY TRAIL AGAIN   Leader: Lucie T. Tel: 01825 840779 or 07928 666078. Meet Jevington church CP 09.30. GR 561015. Finish 13.00. 8 miles. PH option. Note limited parking at church. There is a village CP and road side verge parking in village. Car share if possible.

SUNDAY 4th November   –   AUTUMN LEAVES                                                 Leader: Bob J. Tel: 485643 or 07593 856500. Meet East Dean CP 10.00. Bus 12 09.43 Gildredge Rd, Stand J, Dry lunch Jevington. Finish 14.45. 7.5 miles. Hilly Downland.

MONDAY 5th November  –  SOCIAL EVENING:   Drifting Along the Danube

 SATURDAY 10th November  (L)   –   ROAMING TO THE TIDE MILLS    Leaders: Chris & Dympna D. Tel: 740562 or 07860 669638. Meet Hill Rise bus stop, Seaford 10.05. Bus 12A 09.23 Gildredge Rd, Stand J. Finish 13.00. 5 miles. Mainly level walking, 4 stiles.

 SUNDAY 11th November   –   CHIDDINGLY CIRCULAR                                Leader: Peter D. Tel: 01424 844219. Meet The Avenue 09.30. Start Chiddingly village CP 10.00. GR 545143. Dry lunch. Finish 14.30. 9 miles. Gently undulating. Phone if lift required, otherwise Leader at start. SVC:  £3.00.

 SATURDAY 17th November  (Strolls)  –  FIELD, PROMENADE & PARK   Leader:  Catherine R.  Tel: 728570.  Meet Tesco bus stop Seaside 10:15. Buses 1, 1A, Loop pass Tesco.  Finish 12:15.  2 miles.

SATURDAY 17th November  (L)   LINEAR   –   HIT THE BALL TO WILLINGDON?                                                                                                               Leader: Mary B. Tel: 505339 or 07982 039157. Meet Downs Golf club bus stop 10.00. Bus 12A 09.43 Gildredge Rd, Stand J. Finish Willingdon 12.30. 5 miles. Many return buses.

SATURDAY 17th November   (BRISK PACE)   –   A TRACK OR TWO         Leader: Mary O’B. Tel: 01323 482068. Meet Wilmington Priory CP 09.30. GR 543041. Finish 13.15. 7.5 miles. PH option.

SUNDAY 18th November   –   SEAFORD & DENTON                                       Leaders: John & Marion. Tel: 724972 or 07732 971557. Meet The Avenue 09.30. Walk starts Seaford Library 10.00. GR 484992. Dry lunch. Finish 15.00. 9 miles. Steady uphill out of Seaford and onto Downs. Good downland paths and some minor road walking. Visiting Denton/Bishopstone. 2 stiles. If going by bus check bus times.  SVC: £1.70.

 SATURDAY 24th November  (L)   –   THE MERRY-GO-ROUND                Leaders: Jenny & Barry C. Tel: 01424 752757 or 07399 199696. Meet Hellingly school bus stop 10.10. GR 577121. Bus 51 09.23 Gildredge Rd, Stand H. Finish 13.30. 5 miles. Level walking through woods, fields, lanes with stiles. Car parking in lay-by. Return buses half hourly.

 SUNDAY 25th November   –   MILLS TO LOCKS                                              Leaders: Paul & Barbara. Tel: 504908, on day 07790 708616. Meet The Avenue 09.30. Walk starts Barcombe Mills CP 10.10. GR 435145. Dry lunch. Finish 14.30. 8 miles. River paths and woodlands.  SVC:  £4.00.

 SATURDAY 1st December  (Strolls)   –   AROUND THE HOLLOW             Leader:  Mary S.  Tel: 642877 or 07910 492014 (m). Meet Bede’s School 09:55.  Bus 3A 09:40 Gildredge Rd to Bede’s School, Dukes Drive.  Finish 12:30.  2.5 miles.  Gentle climb at beginning. – own pace.  Meet Leader at start.

SATURDAY 1st December (L)   –  ADVENT TO THE MONUMENT              Leader: Margaret D. Tel: 304921 or 07807 528298. Meet East Dean CP 10.00. Bus 12X 09.33 Gildredge Rd., Stand J. Finish 12.30. 4.5 miles. Couple of steep ascents/descents. Refreshments at end.

SATURDAY 1st December   (BRISK PACE)  –  BEACON, BLACKCAP & BLOOMSBURY                                                                                                               Leader: Bob B. Tel: 01323 652234 or 07808 290538. Meet Firle Bostal CP (not village CP) 09.45. GR 468058.  Finish 13.30. 8 miles. PH option. Note two steep climbs.

SUNDAY 2nd December   –   DOWNS, HEATH & FOREST                             Leader: Bob B. Tel: 652234 or 07808 290538. Walk starts Eastbourne YHA CP (free) 10.00. GR 588990. Dry Lunch East Dean. Finish 15.00. 9 miles. Call leader if lift required.   Meet Leader at start.

 MONDAY 3rd December  –  SOCIAL EVENING:  Kabbuku Kids – Volunteering with the Quicken Trust


 SATURDAY 8th December  (Strolls)   –   CHRISTMAS CHEER                     Leader:  Marjorie B.  Tel: 648623.  Meet at the Pier 10:45 for short stroll to Langham Hotel to join Graham for coffee and biscuit (£2.40) downstairs in the West Dean Suite at approx.. 11:15.  Life available.  See  Autumn Footnotes for further details.

 SATURDAY 8th December  (L)  –  CHRISTMAS CHEER                                Leader: Graham T. Tel: 501467. Meet Tesco, Meads St. 10.15. Bus 3 09.55 Gildredge Rd, Stand J. Level seafront walk to Langham Hotel, West Dean suite for coffee and biscuits £2.40. Can join en route or extend. Optional distance and finish time.

SUNDAY 9th December   LINEAR  –   SEAFORD TO EAST DEAN               Leader: Pat B. Tel: 01424 213950. Bus 12 09.13 Arndale/Gildredge Rd, Stand J, arr. opp. Seaford Library 09.38 or Bus 12A 09.23 arr. 09.56. Meet Seaford Library. Walk starts 10.00. Dry lunch. Finish approx. 15.30. 9.25 miles. Fairly strenuous walk, good paths, lovely views. Drop out point at lunch stop Exceat if necessary, approx. half way.

WEDNESDAY 12th December   –  COACH OUTING – CHRISTMAS AT HEVER CASTLE                                                                                                                              Leader: Graham T. Tel: 501467. Booking opens Monday, 24th September. £26.00 full payment if 40 go. See Autumn Footnotes.

SATURDAY 15th December   (Strolls)   –   EAST DEAN MEANDER             Leader:  Marjorie W.  Tel: 502825.  Meet East Dean CP 10:00.  Bus 12A  09:43 Gildredge Rd to East Dean. Finish 12 noon.  2 miles approx. Optional café in East Dean at finish.

SATURDAY 15th December  (L)  LINEAR  –  MEADS WITHOUT MUD!!     Leader: Bob J. Tel: 485643. Meet bus stop outside Railway station, Ref. ESUDMJAT, 10.00. GR 609991. Finish 12.30 Meads St. 4.5 miles. Some streets and downland.

SATURDAY 15th December   (BRISK PACE)   –   ALFRISTON UPS & DOWNS   Leaders: Doris & Gavin. Tel: 07552 763683. Meet North Road, Alfriston (adj school) 09.45. GR 518034. Finish 13.15. 7.5 miles. PH option. Rather hilly walk. Exact route is weather dependent.

SUNDAY 16th December   –   BOTTOMS & BANOFFEE PIE                           Leader: Jacqui W. Tel: 470371 or 07951 700121. Meet The Avenue 09.30. Walk starts East Dean CP 10.00. Dry lunch Jevington. Finish 14.15.  8 miles. Undulating terrain, 2 stiles.

SATURDAY 22nd December  (L)    –  SEAFORD & SOUTH HILL CIRCULAR   Leader: Colin W. Tel: 07446 458138. Meet Seaford library 10.00. Bus 12X 09.33 Gildredge Rd, Stand J. Finish 13.00. 5 miles.

SUNDAY 23rd December    NO WALK

 SATURDAY 29th December  (L)   –   STREETS & A LAKE                              Leader: Jacqui W. Tel: 470371 or 07951 700121. Meet Langney shopping centre near Barclays Bank 10.00. Buses Loop, 1, 1A, 1X, 55, 55A & 56 all serve – check Timetable/s. Finish 12.00. 4 miles. Flat easy walking, optional cafe at end.

SATURDAY 29th December   (BRISK PACE)   –   BLOW AWAY THE COBWEBS   Leader: Clare. Tel: 07920 110105. Meet St Bede’s kiosk at end of Eastbourne seafront 09.30. GR 607972. Finish 13.30. 8.5 miles  PH option.

SUNDAY 30th December   NO WALK

TUESDAY 1st January 2019   –   ALFRISTON NEW YEAR’S DAY WANDER   Leader: Graham T. Tel: 501467. Meet The Avenue 09.45. No buses today. Gather at Alfriston long stay CP 10.15. GR 521032. Finish 12.30. 4 miles. Lunch at Memorial Hall – bring own picnic but soup, sweets, tea & coffee supplied. No charge, no booking. See Autumn Footnotes.

TUESDAY 1st January 2019  (BRISK PACE)   ALFRISTON WALK           Leaders: John & Marion. Tel: 724972 or 07732 971557. Meet The Avenue 09.45. Walk starts The Willow CP, Alfriston (charge) 10.15. GR 521032. Finish 12.45. 5.5 miles. One steep climb. No coffee stop. SVC: £1.60.









































































































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