NOTE:  It would be appreciated if as many car drivers as possible could go to The Avenue (junction with Upperton Gardens) where this is mentioned rather than direct to the start of the ramble.  However, please adhere to current COVID guidelines.          PLEASE CHECK BUS AND TRAIN TIMES.


 SATURDAY 27th March (L) –  SPRINGTIME IN OLD WILLINGDON       Leader: Graham T. Tel: 501467. Meet Gildredge Rd. Stop G1 for Bus 1 09.32 or 51 09.53 to Church St. Willingdon 10.15. Finish 13.15. 4.75 miles. No hills, stiles, town and park walk. Limited parking near start. Refreshments en route.

SUNDAY 28th  March  –  A RIPE OLD WALK                                                     Leaders: Dawn & Mark. Tel: 07522 868684. Meet Arlington Reservoir 09.50. Walk starts Arlington Reservoir 10.00. Dry lunch. Finish 15.00. 9 miles. Fields, paths, country lanes and some stiles.

SATURDAY 3rd April (L) –  SOME OLD, SOME NEW                                      Leader: Bob J. Tel: 485643 or 07593 856500 on day. Meet Sidley CP (free) opp. Lidl 10.00. Bus 98 08.38 Gildredge Rd Stop G2. Finish 12.45. 5 miles. Bring own refreshments. Return bus 13.15.

SATURDAY 3rd April   BRISK PACE  –  SPRING WANDERER             Leader:.Bob B. Tel: 652234 or 07808 290538. Walk starts East Dean village CP 09.45. GR 558978. Finish 13.15. 8.5 miles. Some steep hills & some stiles. Regular No 12 buses to East Dean.

SUNDAY 4th April –  AROUND THE LONG MAN        CANCELLED        

SATURDAY 10th April (L) –  BIRLING GAP CIRCULAR                                 Leader: Bridget T. Tel: 768482 or 07963 479399. Meet East Dean CP 10.00. Bus 12X 09.33 Gildredge Rd to East Dean. A stop at Birling Gap. Finish 12.45. 4.5 miles

 SUNDAY 11th April –  A DOWNS WALK                                                                 Leader: Jacqui. Tel: 470371 or 07951 700121. Meet and start Eastbourne Youth Hostel CP 10.00.  Dry lunch. Finish 15.30. 10.5 miles. Hilly/no stiles.

 SATURDAY 17th April (L)  –  COMBE HAVEN CIRCULAR                             Leaders: Jenny & Barry. Tel: 01424 752757 or 07399 199696. Meet Sidley CP opp. Lidl 10.00. Bus 98 Gildredge Rd. Bring own refreshments. Finish 13.00. 5 miles. Possible mud.

SATURDAY 17th April   BRISK PACE   –  HOPEFULLY BLUEBELLS       Leaders: Naomi & Pete. Tel: 485005. Walk starts Arlington Reservoir CP nr Berwick station 09.45 (fee) GR 528074. Finish 13.30. 8.5 miles. Note there is limited free parking in layby opposite CP entrance.

SUNDAY 18th April    –  NO LEADER – NO WALK 

SATURDAY 24th April (L)  –  STEP INTO SPRING                                            Leader: Greta. Tel: 870381 or 07952 392333. Meet Folkington Wood by church 10.00. At Alfriston buy or bring refreshments. Finish 12.30 -13.00 approx. 5 miles approx. Downs/hill. If inclement can shorten walk.  

SUNDAY 25th April  –  THREE DEANS WALK                                                   Leaders: John & Marion. Tel: 724972 or 077329 71557. Meet and walk starts CP by Saltdean Park Road, Saltdean BN2 8SP 10.15. GR381020. Dry lunch. Finish 15.30. 10.75 miles. Prom to Rottingdean/inland to Woodingdean/good downland paths/no stiles.

 SATURDAY 1st May (L)  –  WILLINGDON/POLEGATE CIRCULAR         Leader:  Heather. Tel: 506137 or 07745 229274. Meet Chalk Farm 10.00. Bus 51 09.23 to Willingdon Garage 09.40. Take first left uphill to Chalk Farm. Bring own coffee. Finish 12.30. 4.5 miles. 6 stiles/could be muddy.

SATURDAY 1st May  BRISK PACE  –  AROUND HEIGHTON HILL             Leader: Caroline. Tel: 506957. Walk starts Firle Beacon CP  (free) 09.45. GR468058. Finish 13.15. 8 miles. Note: Start is not in village CP.


WEDNESDAY 5th May   EVENING  –  NEARLY OVER THE HILL TO FOLKINGTON                                                                                                                 Leader: Geraldine B. Tel: 502450 or 07986 073567 on day. Meet outside Chalk Farm, Willingdon 18.15 (note earlier start). GR 586025. Finish 20.15. 4.6 miles. May be muddy/some wild garlic. Pub stop at end.                                           

SATURDAY 8th May (L)   LINEAR  –  IN THE PINK                                         Leader: Margaret D. Tel: 304921 or 07807 528298. Meet South Way, Newhaven 10.15.  GR 447014. Bus 12X 09.33 Gildredge Rd, Stop G1. Finish 12.30 Mendith Memorial. 4 miles. 1 steep climb to cliff path. Refreshments at end.

SUNDAY 9th May –  ALONG THE OLD COACH ROAD TO FIRLE             Leaders: Paul & Barbara. Tel: 504908 or 07790 708616 on day. Walk starts Berwick opp. The Cricketers 09.50. GR 510052. Dry lunch Firle. Finish 15.00. 8 miles. Tracks/field paths.

 WEDNESDAY 12th May   EVENING  –  BIT OF A MYSTERY                         Leader: Bob J. Tel: 485643 or 07593 856500 on day. Meet The Triangle, Lower Willingdon 18.30. GR 585033. Plenty of buses to/from The Triangle. Finish 20.15. 4.5 miles. No steep hills. Pub stop at end.

SATURDAY 15th May (L)  –  NEWHAVEN CIRCULAR                                       Leader: Gill M. Tel: 722256 or 07900 860861. Meet Buckle CP (free) Marine Parade, Seaford 10.15. GR 468996. Bus 12X 09.33 Gildredge Rd. to Seaford Library or 12A 09.23 to Hill Rise. Finish 12.15. 5 miles approx. Flat/mostly paved path. Poss. coffee at beach or in town

 SATURDAY 15th May   BRISK PACE  –  ‘TWO LEGS GOOD, FOUR LEGS BAD’   Leader: Geraldine. Tel: 502450 or 07986 073567 on the day. Walk starts outside Chalk Farm Hotel, Willingdon 09.30. GR 586025. Finish 12.50. 8 miles. Woods, views, hilly & there could be mud.

SUNDAY 16th May  –  A WALK ON THE DOWNS                                            Leaders: Tracey & Andy. Tel: 07955 789408. Walk starts Eastbourne Youth Hostel 10.00. Park at YH or across road. Bus stop opp. Dry lunch Friston Forest. Finish 15.00. 9 miles. Undulating.      

WEDNESDAY 19th May   EVENING  –  WALK ON, WALK ON WITH HOPE IN YOUR HEART                                                                                                                  Leader: John C. Tel: 726334 or 07788 749610 on day. Meet Seaford Martello Tower 18.30. GR 484984. Finish 20.30. 4.5 miles. One steep hill. Pub stop at end.

 SATURDAY 22nd May (L)   LINEAR  –  BALSDEAN – THE GHOST VILLAGE   Leader: John R. Tel: 648532. Meet Saltdean Lido 10.00. Bus 12X 08.53 Gildredge Rd. Stop G1 to Longridge Ave. 09.46. Dry lunch Kipling Gardens/Finish Rottingdean 13.00. 5 miles. After lunch optional wall back to Saltdean on esplanade.

SUNDAY 23rd May –  SEAFORD HEAD RETURN VIA WHITE HORSE     Leader: Lesley. Tel: 07933 237300. Meet and start Seaford Museum Martello Tower 10.00. Bus 12 09.24 Gildredge Road. Dry lunch. Finish 15.30. 9 miles. 2 climbs/great views.

WEDNESDAY 26th May   EVENING –  TO THE MONUMENT                                      Leader: Margaret D. Tel: 304921 or 07807 528298 on day. Meet East Dean CP 18.30. Finish 20.15. 4 miles. Some steep ascents/descents. Pub stop at end.

SATURDAY 29th May  (L)  –  HERSTMONCEUX WANDER                          Leader: Sylvia. Tel: 832243. Meet Herstmonceux Village CP (behind Woolpack) 10.30. Bus No. 98 arr. 10.20. Finish 13.00 approx. 5 miles approx. May be muddy.

SATURDAY 29th May   BRISK PACE  –  TEA AT THE BEGGARS ?            Leaders: Naomi & Pete. Tel: 485005. Walk starts High & Over CP (free), between Alfriston & Seaford 09.45. GR 509011. Finish 13.15. 8 miles.


WEDNESDAY 2nd June   EVENING  –  FOREST, DENCHER & DUTTLE                Leader: Irenee H. Tel: 471263. Meet East Dean CP 18.30. Finish 20.30. 4.5 miles. One hill/no stiles. Pub stop at end.

SATURDAY 5th June  (L)   LINEAR  –  BESIDE THE SEA                               Leader: Graham. Tel: 501467. Meet Roderick Ave, Peacehaven 10.30. Bus 12X 09.33. arr. 10.20. CP/toilets at start. Finish 13.15 Brighton Marina. 5 miles. Toilets/refreshments en route. Easy walking/no hills or stiles.

SUNDAY 6th June  –  THE LONG & WINDING ROAD                                    Leaders: Dawn & Mark. Tel: 07522 868684. Walk starts Westham Village Hall CP  just off Peelings Lane 10.00. GR 639046. Dry lunch Pevensey Haven. Finish 15.20. 10.5 miles. Country lanes/meadows/some stiles/no steep climbs.

WEDNESDAY 9th June   EVENING  –  WOODLAND TO DOWNLAND                    Leader: Brenda K. Tel: 726165 or 07907 678148 on day. Meet Cherry Garden Rd. at junction with Sancroft Rd 18.30. Buses 12/12A to Cherry Garden Rd. Finish 20.30. 5 miles. Pub stop at end.

SATURDAY 12th June (L) –  EIGHT BELLS FOR THE END OF LOCKDOWN   Leader: Irenee. Tel: 471263. Meet The Avenue 10.00. Walk starts Butts Brow CP (fee – free with Eastbourne Leisure card) 10.20. Bring own refreshments. Finish 12.45. 4 miles. 1 long hill/a few stiles.


SUNDAY 13th June  –  ARLINGTON WALK                                                           Leader: Judith. Tel: 07526 458100 on day. Meet and walk starts Arlington Reservoir CP (fee) 10.00. Dry lunch. Finish 15.30. 9 miles.  Fields/lanes/woods/some stiles.

 WEDNESDAY 16th June   EVENING  –  OVER TO THE LAKES                           Leader: Mary B. Tel: 07982 039157. Meet junc. Hazelwood Ave/Seven Sisters Rd. 18.30. Buses Loop, 1, 1A . Finish 20.00. 4 miles. Pub stop at end.

SATURDAY 19th June (L)  –  UP, UP & AWAY                                                    Leader: Mary B. Tel: 505339 or 07982 039157. Meet Church St. Willingdon bus stop 10.00. Various buses. Finish 13.00 approx. 5 miles approx. Climb to Butts Brow.

SUNDAY 20th June  –  RATHFINNY VINEYARD                                             Leaders: John & Marion. Tel: 724972 or 07732 971557. Meet and start North Road, Alfriston  (outside school) 10.00. GR 517034. Dry lunch. Finish 15.30. 10 miles. Uphill to Bo Peep/ downland/river/9 stiles.

WEDNESDAY 23rd June   EVENING  –  DOWNLAND DELIGHTS & AMERICAN SUPPER                                                                                                          Leader: Graham T. Tel: 501467. Meet The Avenue 18.30. Walk starts Beachy Head CP (by toilets) 18.45. GR 589957. Finish 20.00. 3 miles. 1 hill. Bring food. See Spring Footnotes.

 SATURDAY 26th June (L)  –  SEE THE WINDMILL                                         Leader: Pauline S. Tel: 895150. Meet Lewes Train Station (outside) 10.00. Back via Kingston. Finish 13.00. 5 miles. Mostly flat.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         SATURDAY 26th June   BRISK PACE  –  ROUNDABOUT SEAFORD             Leaders: Doris & Gavin. Tel: 07552 763683. Walk starts Buckle CP, Seaford Esplanade (free) 09.45. GR 469996. Finish 13.00. 8 miles. Post code of start is BN25 2QR.

 SUNDAY 27th  June  –  EAST DEAN & BACK                                                           Leader: Sheila. Tel: 844177 or 07554 971910. Meet and start East Dean CP (free) 10.00 GR 558977. Dry lunch. Finish 15.30. 10.5 miles. Hilly downland/some road walking.

 WEDNESDAY 30th June   EVENING  –  ANOTHER WANDER AROUND HERSTMONCEUX                                                                                                         Leader: Sylvia P. Tel: 832243 or 07703 281593. Meet Herstmonceux CP (free) behind  Woolpack PH 18.30. Finish 20.15. 5 miles. A few stiles/some lane walking. Pub stop at end.